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Monday, April 5, 2010

[VID] Because He's SHOW LO || MUST WATCH!


cr. talkingpigvicky

COMPLETE Translations =::= o_ost1nao_o of Show International English Forum

Opening Words :
Happiness * Inextinguishable
Because You Are Lo Chih Hsiang (Show Lo)

Interview :
Everytime I hold autograph sessions in Mainland China, they get canceled by force.
Which province?
Shanghai. And when it gets canceled, you're sitting in the car to leave,
and you see people outside, those that are lined up all the way out in the streets.
They don't know you're leaving, they're still there...waiting.
From that time on, I decided to never cancel another.

caption : He chats with his fans while he autographs...
Fan : Xiao Zhu
Show : Yes?
Fan : Is your arm/hand sore?
Show : I'm not sore, I'm not sore...Are your legs sore?
caption : And he acts like a kid and chat/bicker with his fans
Fan : How come you're not filming anymore this year?
Show : I just finished one!
Fan : Then how come you're going not to film this year?
Show : The year just started, missy!
caption : He treats his fans like family
Show : "Did (I) drink the soup?" Yes, I did.
Fan : Did you?
caption : He cherishes the presents that his fans give him
Show : My mom drank it. Chicken broth. Right?
Fan : Yes.
Show : Trying to test me! You thought...(I didn't know!)
caption : Fans would occasionally ask him little questions to test him ^_^
Fan : Did you wear the shoes?
Show : Did I wear the shoes?
caption : Because he's the "Zero-Distance" Lo Chih Hsiang (Show Lo)
Fan : The pair I gave you, the fuzzy ones.
Show : The fuzzy ones with the *inaudible*, that one?
Fan : Yeah!
Show : See, I remember!

caption :He treats fans with sincerity, making fans back him up unconditionally

caption : Because we believe, so we guard/treasure him......


Words :
On 3/31/2010,
the autograph session in Shenzhen was forced to cancel halfway through,
He decided to take money out of his own pocket to reserve a conference room at the hotel
to finish autographing for his fans

Because he is LO CHIH HSIANG (Show Lo)!


♥炎亞綸♥Cekning♥飞轮海♥ said...

hello abby...Cekning(Jeslyn) here do u still rmb me? I have change my blog link quite a long time...

Hotaru Ishihara said...

hi...i wanted to watch this vid..but its put as private...can send me an invitation? my email is kimberly_chee1989@yahoo.com, nick is naoko1314...thanks ya! ^^

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