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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My FT Island Showcase Experience

(Late post)

FT Island Showcase (March 6, 2010)
@ PICC Plenary Hall, Philippines

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Damn! I really have a happy experience with FT Island Showcase (March 6, 2010)
First, I want to thanks God for giving me a chance to watch there concert and all of us are safe.

my [seat number : level 1 row B (2nd row yipee), seat 5]. I have a good seating position I can see them very clearly.

I'll now start my fanaccount :D (enjoy reading).

past 4:00 pm
I'm already at the venue, that how excited I am, the Showcase starts at 6pm and I'm already there by 4:00 pm haha

past 6:00 pm
The staffs let us fall in line in front of the venue, and here's the funny part, there's one usher and since there are 4 lines and we are in the 3rd line, and then the usher command to give space at the middle and my friend Eric suddenly said "There is where there gonna pass by (referring to FT Island). I was too excited and I get my camera at my bag and suddenly there's a fan girl screams at the last part of the line and we all thought there gonna passby in front of us so we join the screams (LOL). But the usher said there are already inside the venue so there's no way FT Island is gonna pop out there. xD

But that doesn't end there, we're still waiting for our time to come in, and for the second time a fan girl screams at the last part of the line so all of us became curious and we saw some korean guys but there's still far away so I assume that "omy is that FT Island" lmao xD so again I started getting my camera and as they come nearer, it's another fail because there just a fan boys haha.

(We're to stupid to think that there's gonna pass by in front of us and we know that they're already inside haha, so that how excited we are to see them)

forgot the time
This is it they let us. Omy when I saw my seat I was so happy while I'm seating I'm already imagining there faces. And it's really funny because everytime FT Island faces is being shown in the big screen all of us is screaming like hell haha

past 7:00 pm
Finally they came out, omy we are all so high and we all stand up and take out all our cameras (they said cameras are not allowed, but they have nothing to do with it because all of us took it out kekeke~) and all I do is to take pictures of them especially Seunghyun ~

After 3 songs (not sure), the interview part, we are still standing along with my seatmates, some of the fans at my back were shouting Seunghyun! Seunghyun! but It's not enough for Seunghyun to hear it, so we talk and planned that we all should shout and so we did , 1, 2, 3! Seunghyun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was so loud and were successful because Seunghyun looked at us

We we're all just happy and singing with them and finally they said that it was the last song, so when it finally ended they remove their intruments on there bodies but we're so high so we chanted, "WE WANT MORE!!!!!" several time.

Hongki said, "MORE??"

And so we're successful again they accept our request and sang again a song and again ended and they gave us there final bow. See yah again. FT ISLAND fighting ~

Here are the pics

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(Seunghyun looking at my cam ohgosh ♥♥♥)

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(Hongki's looking at my cam ♥♥♥)

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(Minhwan is also looking at my cam *faints* ♥)

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(Jaejin was so so cute, he's smiling everytime)

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(Jonghun , gosh so handsome love him ♥)

-Abby [abiglee]


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