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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

[MV+MP3 Download] Wu Fa Wu Tian MV - Show Lo [Eng Sub]

Wu Fa Wu Tian Music Video

cr. ooST1NAoo2 @youtube




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CY said...

Hello Abby:
I'm from Taiwan.
I want to buy Super Junior show2 concert's ticket and 4/10 will fly to Philippines to see,but I don't know how to buy.
When I search for the way to buy it,I find your blog.
So can you help me to but the ticket?
This is my E-MAIL: kao501@hotmail.com
Please.....help me!
And hope I can recieve your mail,thank you.

abigail said...

@ CY
hi i've already sent you an email regarding the ticket :D

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