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Friday, January 15, 2010


My dear friends here it is
SHOW LO's latest Album released JAN 15, 2010


Album Title: Luo Sheng Men
Artist Name: Show Luo
Record Company: Gold Typhoon
Release Date: January 15, 2010
Album Language: Mandarin

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01. Rashomon [Luo Sheng Men]
02. The Leading Role [Ai De Zhu Qiang Xiu]
03. Body Clock [Sheng Li Shi Zhong]
04. I’ll Get Used To It [Xi Guan Jiu Hao]
05. A dangerous idea [Wei Xian De Nian Tou]
06. Head Over Heels [Ai Feng Tou]
07. You Won't Be Alone [Ai Bu Dan Xing]
08. Got You Nailed [Gao Ding]
09. Why Were We Together[Wei Shen Me Yao Zai Yi Qi]
10. Truth [Lao Shi Jiang]
11.WOW-Show Luo / Elva Xiao
12. In You Eyes-Show Luo / Rainie Yang

thanks ghel for the pinyin title :D
Re-up by me [abiglee]

Please leave a comment after you download it :D



Aween Zaimil Azwin said...

TQ Abby!!

love Show Lo and Rashomon! =)

chill79 said...

Thanks for uploading! :)

Tanaka_Rie said...

Thank you so much! :3

Anonymous said...

omg..thanks so much abbi..I appreciate you giving us the download links.=)

m_shang said...

Thankyouu sooo much!! ^^
Love Xiao Zhu Forever~~ Jia You Ohh. (;
michelle. x

danEEz said...

thx a lot!! ahh i dunno if i want to download it here or listen it from my very own dvd..anyway thanx!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Was looking for this quite awhile :D Plan to buy the original after cny. Do support the original! xD

Carol said...

wow cool thanks alot for the download

Anonymous said...

wooo thanks~ <3

| anapot show lo | said...

hi abby..uxtah nah

Zachary J. Morrison said...


leah said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Downloading a few that i didn't already have.

love your site, also nabbed some gifs for myself to stare at. :p THANKS!!!!!!! <3

Khai.M said...

thanks a lot for sharing this album! n__nv

Dewi/Anggi/Chieku said...

Thanks banget ya,..jdi q bisa download lgu2nya xiao zhu..tambah byk deh koleksi lagu2nya show..dihp q aja ada 34 lagu...belom mv2nya.

Marya said...

you. are. awesome. Thanks a lot!!! :*

Jason Tan said...


Jason Tan said...


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