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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

[01/26/2010 - A Message From Show] My Most Beloved Wives!

My Most Beloved Wives!

My Wives~~Do you all like the music video for "Ai Feng Tou (Head Over Heels)?" The plot for "Head Over Heels" was thought up by the company and myself! I hope to use this music video to represent the love you all have for me and my expression of love to you all! Because you all are my most favorite, most beloved wives~isn't the right! I also saw some wives cutely say~Is there some implications/meaning behind Xiao Zhu's music video? Could there really be this fan girl or does Xiao Zhu already have a girlfriend!
Hahaha~you guys sure have made a big mistake! This music video is for all you wives! We've taken wedding photos and honeymoon photos together, so this is for everyone! Don't think random thoughts!!!!!! Thank you all for sticking with me and not abandoning me! Every time I watch "Head Over Heels" I think of you all! Especially at the end, with the honeymoon photo! I love you all to death! For~reals!

[Posted at 5 AM CST on 01/26/2010 @ Show's International Fan Club Forum by 羅志祥 (Show's Log-in)]

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羅志祥 2010-1-26 5:39 AM CST


老婆們~~愛瘋頭這支音樂錄影帶妳們喜歡嗎? 愛瘋頭的劇情是我跟公司說的想法!我希望用這支音樂錄影帶.來代表妳們對我的愛.跟我對妳們的愛表現出來的!因為妳們是我最愛最愛的老婆啊~是不是!我也 看到有些老婆們可愛的說~小豬這支音樂錄影帶是有什麼涵意嗎?是不是真的有一個歌迷女友還是小豬已經有一位女友了!哈哈哈~妳們真的誤會大了!這支是要送 給所有老婆大人的!我們也拍過結婚照也拍過蜜月照.所以這是要送給大家的!不要亂想喔!!!!!!謝謝妳們對我的不離不棄!我每次看這支愛瘋頭就會想到大 家!尤其是最後面的蜜月照!我愛死妳們啦! 真~的!]


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