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Sunday, December 27, 2009

[download] Jang Geun Suk Songs (My List)

Jang Geun Suk

My own collection of his songs


1. Without A Word [You're Beautiful OST]
2. Goodbye [You're Beautiful OST]
3. What Should I Do [You're Beautiful OST]
4. Black Engine
5. Can You Hear Me [Beethoven Virus OST]
6. Fly Me To The Moon
7. Just Drag
8. Toucholic

moko-chan here's your request :D

[These are the only songs I know If you know any songs that is not included here please let me know :D]


su.shae said...

1. My precious

2. Take care,my bus!

3. Hello hello

4. I will promise you

that's all! :)

Goon said...

I agree with Su.Shae. I've just finished watching Mary stayed out all night, and I've also been hunting for these songs as well.

ocampo's said...


Dah Ü Laine said...

hi there. i am looking for Sukkie's song with the word MELODY. I don't know the title and I've heard just heard a part of it. Please let me know the title. thank you :)

Poorna S G said...
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Poorna S G said...

There also songs from the movie 'Do re mi pa so la si do' sung by Jang Guen sook.
1) slowly those memories
2) go travelling in a cool summer night
3) time we spend waiting
4) full of sunshine

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