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Sunday, December 20, 2009

[download] FT Island "So Long, Au Revoir" Album (Japan Version)

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FT Island "So Long, Au Revoir" Album (Japan Version)

download:: | CLICK |

Tracklist: (source yesasia)

01. Ready Go!! (新曲) *NEW*
02. Live Like a Musical
03. TV Radio
04. Everything is possible
05. I believe myself
06. Raining
07. moonlight angel
08. You'll Be In My Heart
09. It's U
10. The One
11. Winter's Night *NEW*
12. Bonus Track (FTIsland's commentary)



Gaia said...

Hello Abby!!
tanks very much for uploading the album !! ^__^

I like the two new songs ♥


Erika Tan said...

hey there! just wana say thank you so much providing links that are working for the FT Island albums! <3 Really appreciate it! ^^

Owl Weezy said...


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