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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

[download] ELVA HSIAO "Diamond Candy" [WOW! Concert Songs + Remixes]

[WOW! Concert New Songs + Remixes]
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Tracklist :

1 Beauty Encounter
2 Shining Love
3 Count Down
4 Cry With You
5 Sync Breathing
6 Goodbye Bye Bye
7 Diamond Candy
8 Confession
9 No Hand in Hand
10 Thriller MJ Legend
11 WOW! feat. SHOW LO
12 Shining Love Break Beat
13 Goodbye Bye Bye Trance Remix
14 Mei You Ren Spanish Version
15 Wo Ai Ni Na Me Duo Just Chill Out
16 Shuai La Shuai La Salsa Hot Mix
17 More More More Techno Remix
18 Zui Shou Xi De Mo Sheng Ren



FaBrIzIo~ファブリシオa.k.aオキニトちゃん said...

I simply loved it! It's awesome, the only thing I didn't like at all was thinking of the "Mei You Ren-Spanish version" as a Spanish Lyrics version of the song :(
Great jobe, thanks a lot!

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