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Monday, May 25, 2009

BOYS OVER FLOWERS soundtrack download links

It includes :
For single download
1. Because I'm Stupid - SS501
2. Do You Know - Someday
3. Love is Fire - KARA
4. Love U - Howl
5. Love You - Brand New Day
6. Lucky - Ashily
7. Making a Lover - SS501
8. My Tears - Lee Sang Gon
9. One More Time - Tree Bicycles
10. Paradise - T-Max
11. Say Yes - T-Max
12. Standy by Me - SHINee
13. Starlight Tears - Kim Yoo Kyung
14. What Do I Do - Jisun
15. Wish Your My Love - T-Max
16. Yearning Heart - A'st1
F4 Special Edition

It includes:
For single download
1. Sometimes - SS501
2. My Heart Had a Brain Freeze - A'st1 & T-Max
3. My Everything - Lee Min Ho
4. I'm Going to Meet Her - Kim Bum
5. I Love You (Bang Bang Boom) - T-Max
6. Happiness - Kim Hyun Joong
7. Fight the Bad Feeling V3 - T-Max
8. Fight the Bad Feeling V2 - T-Max
9. Fight the Bad Feeling V1 - T-Max
10. Empty - Kim Jun feat Kim Jo Han
11. Because I'm Stupid - SS501
12. A Heart Cannot Be Hidden - Lee Ji Hye


c_cube said...

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nancychl said...

GRACIAS!! No sabes lo agradecida que estoy, en seguido iré a ver que tienes de Show que no tenga ya, jeje. Mi hermana y yo estamos enamoradas de los F4 y de Lee-MIn-Ho. Pero sólo yo de mi especial y talentoso Show Luooo!!!!
Me gustó mucho tu blog, sigue así!

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